Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions establish the use of this website https://www.milberg.pt (henceforth ‘’Site’’), created and runned by Sousa Ferro & Associados, SP, RL, corporate entity number 515647608, with head-offices at Rua São Filipe Nery 11, 1250-225, Lisbon.

Object and Legal Disclaimers

This site and its content only serve informational, non-commercial purposes. None of the information displayed on this site is confidential or can be perceived as legal advice, legal basis to act or refrain from acting, or as an proposal to legally represent a user.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The sole use of the site is considered full acceptance of the present terms and conditions. Users who do not agree to these rules, must refrain from accessing and navigating the site.

Limited Authorization to Use Protected Information

Sousa Ferro & Associados may restrict the authorization to use the information displayed on the site in the following cases:

  • Users who transfer and reproduce this site’s content for commercial purposes;
  • User’s inobservance of legal disclaimers, each copyright notice or other proprietary rights when transferring or reproducing the site’s information;
  • With the exception of the personal use of the site’s content, users are not authorized to alter, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell any information displayed on the site.

Sousa Ferro & Associados detains the sole ownership of the property rights displayed on the site, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets or logos. Sousa Ferro & Associados owns a copyright of all the content displayed on the site as collective work and/or compilation. Therefore, users are not allowed to freely use or own any rights over the information of the site. The inobservance of the present terms and conditions constitutes a breach of said terms and conditions and results on the loss of the limited authorization previously described.

Likewise, references of intellectual property rights of third parties are made on the site, and nothing on these terms and conditions grants the authorization to use any of this information by the users.

Any images of people or places contained on the site are either property of Sousa Ferro & Associados, or used by Sousa Ferro & Associados with the owner’s permission. Users and third parties are prohibited to its use, except if they were specifically allowed by the present terms and conditions or elsewhere on this site. Unauthorized use of the images may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, privacy or publicity and even other legislation and regulations.

Restriction of Liability and Exclusion of Warranties

Sousa Ferro & Associados is responsible for the updates of all the information contained on this site, though it does not correspond to legal advice or opinion. The use or reading of said information is the user’s exclusive responsibility. Sousa Ferro & Associados rejects any express or implied warranties related to the use of this site and the materials contained in it, any express or implied warranties of accuracy, quality, or adequation to any specific means, or of non-infringement of errors and/or omissions in the information displayed.

Sousa Ferro & Associados expressly rejects any responsibility for any damage to or viruses that may infect the users equipment, or other property, as you access or browse the site or download material from the site.

Under no circumstances can Sousa Ferro & Associados be responsible for any indirect or consequential damages whether in contract or tort, which may result from its acts or any omission under this terms and conditions even if Sousa Ferro & Associados is conscious of the possibility of such prejudice.

Links to Third Parties Sites

Sousa Ferro & Associados may provide links to other sites on the Internet that are not under Sousa Ferro & Associados’ control and are only provided as a convenience. Therefore, no warranties or disclaimers are made regarding those sites, including its products, software, materials, services, content, accuracy or adequation, and the politics practiced there might materially differ from our terms and conditions, specifically regarding the use and data processing.

No user is authorized to display any link that redirects to this site or any content displayed on this site, without Sousa Ferro and Associados’ prior written permission.

Further Disclaimers

The present terms and conditions may be altered at any time and without prior notice, therefore we recommend its regular consultation. Each use of the site constitutes a new acceptance of the terms and conditions, in accordance with the aforementioned.

For further informations, contact Sousa Ferro & Associados through the e-mail address geral@milberg.pt.