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Changing times call for a new type of law firm in Portugal—one that can serve a broad range of clients across national borders, with the necessary resources and attorneys to litigate against corporations worldwide.

Milberg Sousa Ferro is that new type of law firm. Focused on collective redress and claimant litigation Milberg Sousa Ferro is bringing together a wealth of academic knowledge with many years of highly specialized legal practice. Milberg Sousa Ferro is a pioneer in Portugal, fighting for the rights of consumers in all sizes of undertakings. Formerly known as Sousa Ferro & Associados, Milberg Sousa Ferro is the leading law firm in Portugal for collective redress and for private enforcement of Antitrust Law. We also frequently counsel and represent regulators and other public authorities.

Thanks to our partnership with US consumer protection firm, Milberg Coleman Bryson Philips Grossman, LLP, Milberg Sousa Ferro is part of a multinational network of attorneys devoted to litigating against corporate malfeasance worldwide, tackling multijurisdictional cases and relying on expertise from its partners in the USA and in various EU Member States. Each case we fight for is carefully chosen to match the philosophy and values of our law firm, and to contribute to our strategic vision of upholding the rule of law and ending civil impunity for large corporations.

Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman challenges corporate wrongdoing through class action, mass tort, consumer, and shareholder rights services, both domestically and globally. Established by members of Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP, Sanders Phillips Grossman LLC, Greg Coleman Law PC, and Whitfield Bryson LLP,  the firm represents plaintiffs in the areas of antitrustsecurities, financial fraud, consumer protection, automobile emissions claims, defective drugs and devices, environmental litigationfinancial and insurance litigation, and cyber law and security.

For over 50 years, Milberg and its affiliates have been protecting victims’ rights and have recovered over $50 billion for our clients. Our attorneys possess a renowned depth of legal expertise, employ the highest ethical and legal standards, and pride ourselves on providing stellar client service. We have repeatedly been recognized as leaders in the plaintiffs’ bar and appointed to leadership roles in prominent national mass torts and class actions.

Milberg’s previous litigation efforts helped to create a new era of corporate accountability that put big companies on notice. The strategic combination of four leading plaintiffs’ firms offers clients expanded capabilities, greater geographical coverage, enhanced financial breadth, and increased operational capacity. It also enables the firm to serve diverse and global clients who are seeking to enforce their rights against well-financed corporations—wherever they operate.

Milberg is headquartered in Tennessee, with offices in New York, London, Peterborough, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, Lisbon, Puerto Rico, Munich, and Amsterdam.

About Milberg

Since the firm’s founding in 1965, it has repeatedly taken the lead in landmark cases that have set groundbreaking legal precedents, prompted changes in corporate governance, and recovered over $50 billion in verdicts and settlements. The firm pioneered federal class action litigation and is widely recognized as a leader in defending the rights of victims of corporate and other large-scale wrongdoing.

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